Monday, July 19, 2010

Inpatient Treatment Done Right

While searching through the mounds of things on the internet I came across a few articles of interest:

What Makes An Inpatient Drug Rehab Center Effective

Addiction recovery doesn't happen overnight. On the contrary, drug abuse is a resilient disease, and drug treatment can only succeed if it's driven by sustained effort. The most effective inpatient drug rehab center is the one that ensures the long-term health of its clients, with everything from sober living programs to independent 12-Step support networks. In the end, any inferior standard of care is doomed to fail.

Those considerations, in turn, are at the heart of Sunset Malibu's treatment philosophy...(more)'

This delightful little piece talks about the
luxurious alcohol and drug rehab facilities by Sunset Malibu and their long term drug rehab programs.

Critical Elements For Drug Rehab To Be Successful

Many drug rehab centers acknowledge the importance of holistic recovery. But few institutions actually put their own principles into practice. In fact, many of the most high-priced drug rehabs in California provide one-dimensional care to their clients. As should go without saying, these clinics routinely fail to deliver on the promises they make in their advertising brochures.

Sunset Malibu's Clinical Team, for their part, argues that those shortcomings are inexcusable...(more)'

This piece talks about what is a
long term drug rehab center and what to look for in an inpatient drug rehab facility.

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